A liter of Fuel sells for 250-300 Naira in Lagos

Its no longer news that they've been fuel scarcity all over Nigeria for weeks now.

Many people didn't expect it to go this far, but its like it is becoming more and more scarce as the days go by.

Few days ago, Nigerians were seriously complaining about the hike in price of the petroleum product. The price as at then, was still 120-150 Naira. Little did Nigerians know that they where going into the worst, sooner rather than later.

Through out the week, in Lagos state, they've been no PMS products. When ever a petrol station decides to sell a little, it becomes a hot cake. The que from motorists, and other people making use of the products will be so much that it'll cause serious and severe traffic hold-ups. Serious to the extent that many people will have to spend up to 5-6 hours on the road, before even coming close to their destinations.

Yet people were still trying to manage things the way they presented them selves.

Recently, yesterday 23 May, to be specific, a litre of the PMS product in Lagos state, was sold for 250, in NNPC stations. While other stations, were selling the products for as high as 290-300.

This prompted some youths in the state to take advantage of the situation on ground. The amount of Black Market dealers, in the state yesterday, increased by a terrifying amount of 69%, and they had to sell the products for about 350-400 Naira.

Yet the products was still been rushed. As a result of the long ques, me, and some other road users in the state yesterday, had to spend close to 6 hours just to get to Ijaiye.

To crown this all, Nigerians all over, has been left in total black out. Since the PHCN has decided to make Power supply, also scarce.

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