Based On Your Experience! Nigerian Police (Black & Black) vs SARS – Which Is More Frustrating?


Being a Nigerian can be frustrating and annoyingly tiring, a lot of things are not right with the country ☹☹ We don pray, we don tire!

We are all striving in this harsh economy and hopefully waiting for the Best to come someday but after working tiredly there are some forces who will never cease to frustrate the Hell out of us and these include the Nigerian Police Force and their other brother FSARS.

A lot has been said about Nigerian police force (Black & Black) and SARS recently which makes Nigerians created a new hashtag #EndSARS movement which followed series of complaints shared online by Nigerian youths on alleged harassment, assault by the Special Anti-robbery squad, (SARS) and the Nigerian police force (NPF).

It is a common belief that the police are your friends. But in a country like Nigeria, the ordinary citizen thinks the policeman is anything but definitely not a friend and the SARS operates just exactly like the Armed Robbers (Only be say one Operates during the Day publicly while the other sneaks in at night).

A typical Nigerian would rather not have anything to do with the police. Some call them all kinds of names and would avoid them like a snake..

The fact is that the people who are meant to watch over our lives and help secure our Properties are even more troublesome than the Robbers.

Every young Nigerians are now afraid to walk or move about during the day, ask me why? They are afraid of SARS & Police and not because of Armed Robbers or Kidnappers 😂😂😂

Based on your own experience 👇

Between The Nigerian Police (Black & Black) & SARS – Which Do You Think Is More Frustrating?

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