Final Verdict – May Weather Wins. Round By Round Analysis

Mayweather remains undefeated via unanimous decision, with two judges scoring it 116-112 and the other 118-110. Mayweather landed 67 more punches according to CompuBox.

Pacquiao landed double-figure punches in
only three out of 12 rounds. Accuracy,
defense and ring generalship clearly belong to Mayweather, even at age 38.

Round 12: Mayweather completes the
fight as he did in most of the rounds:
owning the center of the ring and not
allowing Pacquiao to get inside.
Mayweather is too quick and too skilled
defensively. Advantage: Floyd.

Round 11: Mayweather comes out firing
and lands at his highest volume of the
fight. Pacquiao has a brief flurry, but
Mayweather ducks and escapes back to
the center of the ring where he is
completely comfortable. Advantage:

Round 10: Mayweather gets backed into
the corner but never absorbs more than a
glancing blows and is able to counter
enough. Pacquiao was more active but
not nearly as accurate. Advantage: Floyd.

Round 9: Pacquiao draws cheers from the
partisan crowd with a flurry at the end of
the round, but Mayweather lands enough
early and more frequently to keep the
fight in the center of the ring. Advantage:

Round 8: Pacquiao is the more active
fighter, but Mayweather more accurate,
scoring with straight rights. Mayweather
baits Pacquiao to come forward, then
lands several counters. Advantage: Floyd.

Round 7: Mayweather takes control by
keeping the action in center of the ring
and setting up Pacquiao with the jab.
Pacquiao was able to land with a straight
left, but Mayweather connected with
greater frequency. Advantage: Floyd.

Round 6: Pacquiao comes back with more
volume combinations that connect mainly
to the body but glance off Mayweather's
gloves up top. Pacquiao not landing at
high percentage but, Mayweather didn't
land at all. Advantage: Manny.

Round 5: Mayweather scores on
counterpunches with Pacquiao laying
back after a whirlwind Round 4. More
activity from Mayweather, who was able
to land combinations. Advantage: Floyd.

Round 4: Pacquiao begins throwing at a
high rate but lands only several times.
Mayweather doesn't appear fazed, but
Pacquiao appears to be gaining
confidence, landing on counterpunches
and having the crowd squarely behind
him. Advantage: Manny.

Round 3: Mayweather keeps the action in
the center of the ring, attacking the body
and landing straight rights up top.
Pacquiao swinging wildly and missing.
Advantage: Floyd.

Round 2: Pacquiao comes back strong,
moving Floyd into the corner and landing.
Mayweather was unable to connect with
his right like in Round 1. Advantage:

Round 1: Mayweather was more active
than usual in the early going and has
already begun leaning on Pacquiao and
landed several scoring blows, including a
straight right. Advantage: Floyd.

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