Fuel Scarcity – Lagos Abeokuta express way, flooded due to petrol

On Wednesday, the Lagos – Abeokuta express road, was flooded with motorist, who where line up just to purchase petroleum product from a petrol station.

The que, caused so much traffic that lasted for about three hours, and demanded the service of some well meaning Nigerians, to make sure the severity of the ques, didn't stand as a stumbling block to other road users who where bent on reaching their destinations.

Speaking with one of the commercial bus drivers, 9jadeck correspondent Emmanuel Ohanu, gathered that the petrol Station, was the only one that has petrol in the area.

Speaking with our correspondent, Mr Robinson said in pigin; "from here reach Ikeja, na only this people get fuel, na it make people plenty here like this.

"I the pray make e reach all of us. Because most time, when people plenty like this, them go decide to stop, tell us say fuel don finish."

"When asked how much they where buying, Mr Robinson said; "well e never reach my turn, So I never know price. But my conductor say e no pass #190."

The current scarcity, has lasted for weeks now, and it doesn't seem like its going to end any time soon.

Truth be told, what ever way it takes us, Nigerians will survive. God help us all.

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