Grass root sports development in Nigeria. The way forward.

After the calamitious showing of the Nigerian Super Eagles in the past Afcon qualifiers, I came to realise that Nigeria Football, still has a long way to go before we can favourably compete with other footballing heavy weights in the world.

The super Eagles, failed awfully to give joy to so many football loving Nigerians when they where forced to a draw by the Bafana Bafana of South Africa. A result which ensured the Afcon finals was going to be held without the defending champions.

So many Nigerians shared their views on the subject matter. Some calling for the sack of the whole coaching Crew led by Stephen Okechukwu Keshi.

Thou Keshi's contract was not renewed when it expired, it was latter renewed by the NFF after months of deliberation.

When I reflected on the idea of the NFF re-appointing Stephen Keshi as the head coach of the super eagles, I realised that this was the right call. As it'll give the team much needed stability

A coach can not just go from Good to Bad over night. There has to be factors that will make that happen. The showing of the so called senior players of the super eagles, was so poor to the extent that I willl advice the NFf to set up a commitee to review the poor display by some members of the super eagles.

Thou I also blamed Stephen Keshi for his poor scouting network. Nigeria has so many talented players home and abroad who can cut it out on the big stage. But Keshi choosed to make a fool of desperate nigerians by calling Unfit, unknown and even players that where perpertual bench warmers for their clubs sides.

Now he has been given a second chance to right his wrong. I want to advice all Nigerians to give him all the support both spiritual and physical.

And my advice to Keshi is he should not down play the importance of our league. Let's take a look at some european countries. Spain for example. You will notice that when spain won the world cup, they fielded mostly home based players. That's because they believed in their grass root developmental strategies.
Another example is England. You might have noticed that the English national teams, is made of only home based players. I.e players who ply their trade in the English Premier League.

My question is why doesn't Nigerian Football Federation employ same strategy? At least limit the number of foreign based players in the squard. With this, we will have an opportunity to unearth a real gem from our league.

This is my personal view. You have right to your comments. Thanks

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