Importance of regular exercise to a human body

Most people in Nigeria, does not know how important it is to do exercise regularly and on a daily basis. In most cases, if you call an average Nigeria man, and or woman, to join you in doing any form of exercise, they easily get Beat up, shy or dodges away, so that they won’t have to partake in your exercising scheme of work, as they do not want anything that will trouble their body or mind.

This, affects the growth, livelihood and longetivity of an average Nigerian and African man.

Today, I’ll try to give us some little importance of regular exercise to the average Nigerian man, how it can make him live longer, healthier in this world.

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1. It makes the flow of blood swift and accurate :- its obvious that most people does not know that regular exercise, makes the blood to circulate around the body freely. And once your blood streams are functioning actively, you’re very certain of having a healthy life, and skin. So i will advice you today, if you want a healthy life and skin tone, try to do exercises regularly.

2. Pro-longs life :- Well this one might sound a bit off, as most Africans are made to believe that only God can prolong a mans life. Well its true that a mans stay on earth, is in the hands of God, but I’ll tell you today that if you play your part expertly by taking part in regular exercise, you’ll discover that some health issues like sickness, will run away from you, at such making your stay in life a bit longer than supposed.

3. It keeps the brain active:- Well you might not have known this, regular exercise keeps the brain active, and fresh. So I’ll advice, after a days work, find out time to do one or two forms of exercises. That alone gives you the mental preparedness to take on the job that awaits you the next day in office.

4. Keeps the body in shape:- Regular exercise, burns fat, and makes sure that your body structure is always in good shape. Doing exercises regularly is the best way to make sure your body is always in shape, and does not go out of shape.

5. The final importance I’ll write about in this article, is that it keeps your marital life actively happy:- Well its no longer news that at least 90% of marriages in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, collapse due to the inability of a partner to satisfy or meet the demands of the other partner in the bedroom, which often results in most cases of divorce. Let me tell you this, if you’re able to keep your partner happy, i dont see any reason why he or she has to be Infidel.

Want to know how to be active with your partner? Its simple. Just start doing some light form of exercises and rate your performance with your partner now, and before. You’ll come to realise how important it is to do exercise.

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