Maximizing Cassava usage to meet our domestic need.

It is no longer news that in Nigeria, farming, is the most common source of employment. As various categories of people ranging from old to young, small to big, healthy and sick, in one way or the other partake in farming exercises.

The products gotten from the farm, has gone a long way in sustaining the livelihood of a common Nigeria man. Some of those products are sold, used at home, and some in factories and various companies across Nigeria, Africa, and the world at large.

Today I’ll be giving out a little inside knowledge on one of the farm product called cassava.

As most of us, know, cassava is one of the commonly cultivated farm product in Nigeria. As its produce, can be used for various purpose like industrially and domestically.

Recently, Dangote group of companies, started the production of breads baked with cassava.

Thou, the initiative to use cassava flour as an alternative to wheat flour in making of bread, came into play in Nigeria in 2003 under the regime of former president Olusegun Obasanjo, the discovery later went down. Due to lack of proper funding and follow up programme.

But the out-gone administration of Goodluck Jonathan, tried to revive the programme, but little attention was paid to it by private investors. It’ll be seen if President Buhari will bring it up again. As Agriculture seems to be the main focal point of his present administration.

Now enough talk. Let’s go into business. I’ve decided to drop the little I know on how to use the Cassava product. You can use the comment box below this post to add yours or correct mine.

Domestic uses of Cassava

1. Making of Garri : I was shocked when someone asked me what was used in making of Garri. At first, I thought he was joking, but he became more persistent, only then did I know that he actually does not know. So I decided to include it in this article exclusively for members and fans.

How to use cassava to produce garri.

To use cassava to produce garri, follow this simple step below.

Steps to produce garri with cassava

1. After harvesting your cassava, pill off the cover, to get the actual cassava product.

2. Wash the pilled cassava product with clean water,

3. Take it to a cassava grinding machine, after grinding, put it inside a bagco bag to allow water to drain off. After the water has drained off,

4. Filter the dry-granded cassava product to enable you to separate the shaft.

5. After filtering, fry it inside a dry pan, pot, or whatever suits you.

After this process, you’ll get your garri product for consumption and sale.

How to produce Apku(Loi Loi) using Cassava

Next up is Apku, Loiloi, fufu or whatever name you call it.

To make Akpu using cassava, follow the simple procedure below.


This is the method I know, they are many ways of doing it. If you have yours, kindly drop it below using the comment form below this post.

1. After harvesting, pill off the cover.

2. Unlike garri, were you have to grind, just soak your pilled cassava product in a big bowl with water filled to the top of the bowl.

3. Leave the cassava soaked for say two to three (2-3) days.

4. Check after three days to see if its soften up. If yes, remove the cassava from the bowl, use a filter to scatter the cassava so it becomes watery.

5. After scattering, put it inside a bag, and allow the water in it to drain off. Once its drain off,

6. Remove and cook. When you feel that the cooking is done, use your mortar to pound to make it soft.

Then its ready to be served. Hope its simple and helpful?
Drop your questions, suggestions etc in the comment form below.

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