Maximizing your smart phone to suit your daily need

Well its obvious that most people, just go to the market to buy phones only because they want to show up to others.

You might have a friend, neighbour or family member with a smart phone, and yet, you will find out, that the person, is not fully utilizing the device he or she is carrying.

So I have come up with few things you can do with your smart phone to make full use of its functions.

Below are some of the things you can do with your smart phone.

1. Browsing: Do you know that your mobile phone can be used to browse the almost any site on the internet? I know some people does not know. You might have discovered that most people, when ever they want to check anything online, they normally resort to the CAFES even when they have mobile phones that can browse basically any site. At such spending more money and time. Some applications you can use in browsing on your smart phone include Opera Mini, Uc Browser, Google Chrome Browser, etc

2.Editing of pictures: Do you have that picture of you or any family member on your phone, that gives you memories? Are they things on the picture you wish where not their? Well you Do not have to take those pictures to a photographer for editing. Your mobile device, can basically do just that in less time, saving you money and time. Some applications that can be used to edit pictures include Pics Art, Picstory, Picmix, etc. You can find more by searching on Google.

3. Chatting with loved ones: Now you want to talk to that special someone, you do not have call voucher on your phone and you become stranded and deluded. Let me tell you this. With that your smart phone, you can keep in touch with your loved ones using some chat applications made for your device. Some of this applications include BBM, WHATSAPP, 2GO, TWITTER, and loads of others. You can get more from Google play store.

Get a smart phone today and experience the great joy you will get from maximizing it.

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