Mysterious Dog turned to human being after being hit by driver

A mysterious dog at Kogi State local government area, has got many people thinking.

The Dog who many said was hit by a bus driver while trying to cross the road, immediately turned into a human being. Though he was dead, nobody had the gods to go close to the dead body.

Speaking to our correspondent, the Bus driver, Mr Tope Alabi who was in shock and shivering with fear that he had killed someone, said;

"I am very sure of what I hit. What is lying on the ground their, isn't what I hit."

When asked what he had hit, Mr Alabi said

"This are members of a church in Kogi here. We're going to Lokoja. I was hired to take them to Lokoja. When we got here, I didn't notice the dog coming out of the bush, until I was very close. I applied my breaks but the speed level I was driving on, meant my bus was not going to stop immediately."

"When I hit the dog, I discovered that the sound was rather too heavy for a dog. To my surprise when I came out, I found this man lying down their bleeding."

"Due to fear, nobody could go close to him, and he bleeded to death. The pastor later called the police to avoid any form of riot"

An eye witness who saw the ugly incident, and pleaded annonimity said to our correspondent in Yoruba;

"That man lying their is a devil. This driver hit a dog that was trying to cross the road, when the dog fell, it turned to that man." Translated by George Akintola

Meanwhile the bus driver was said to have been arrested by the police for questioning.

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