Opera Handler, Easy Configuration guide to use on all networks

Well I have been receiving email messages from some people, asking me to help them with tips on how to configure handler opera mini to browse on all networks. Due to my busy schedules, I was unable to attend to those request then.

So, I have decided to drop the tutorial here, so you can be able to access it anytime you like.

Before I continue, I’ll like to explain what Handler Opera mini is.

Handler Opera mini, is a modified opera mini, that enables you to use I.P(internet protocol) Address to access your desired sites. This I.P. addresses, sometimes allows your Operamini to browse the internet free, or with less data usage.

To download this opera, kindly search “Handler Opera Mini” without quotes on Google search.

<strong>Note:</strong><em> This Handler Opera mini’s usually comes in two forms.</em>
<em>1. Handler mini with Http and Socket.</em>
<em>2. Handler mini without Http and Socket.</em>

First, let’s treat the handlers with http and socket. To configure this to enable you browse on any network with it, follow my below procedures.

Goto where you see http, wipe everything, and insert below text

Scroll down to the socket box, wipe everything, and insert below text

Live all other boxes empty, scroll down to where you see host, if you have a drop-down menu, click on it and select Real Host.

Now insert below text in the box below.

That’s all. Click save and enjoy your handler operamini.

For Opera mini without http and socket,
Just goto to Host, select Real Host, and insert wap.mtmonline.com in the box below that’s all.

Hope this helps.

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