PHCN, shady deals, poor power supply and crazy bill. The way forward

Its no longer news that things really went from bad to worst after former president of Nigeria Gen Olusegun Obasanjo decided to loan out the power sector to a private company called Power Holding Company Of Nigeria.

Many had expected the power sector to improve, but those expectations where never going to come to pass, as the sector was polluted with greedy and selfish Nigerians, who think only of themselves and no one else.

Many years have gone, and the power sector has been increasingly failing to deliver on their promises. This has been due to one untold problem or the other by the officials of PHCN.

Well after much observation, I realised that the power sector is being resold. When I said Resold, I didn't mean the company being sold to another firm. What I meant is the leaders in the PHCN, have decided to purnish most Nigerians with poor power supply and increased electricity tariff, just to enrich themselves, and enslave other poor Nigeria citizens.

Are you wondering why I said they Enrich themselves? Well no need to. Cause I will give a brief explanation and summarise.

Having lived in Ikom Local Government Area(Cross River State), Eleme Local Government Area(Rivers State), and presently Ojokoro Local Government(Lagos State), I have discovered that the lights are being sold to wealthy individuals to enable them to make use of the lights in their various establishments. While the poor masses, who has small scale business and can't afford the money to bribe Officials of PHCN surfer.

What am trying to say is this, presently where I work, the owner of the factory, pays money to officials of PHCN almost everyday so as to enable him have lights that other people(streets, communities) should have.

At the end of the day, some people has to go on for days without power supply, while others enjoy this light for almost 24hours a day for 7 days.

And when bills are to be coallated, they bring fought crazy bills, and everybody end up paying same amount of money even those that doesn't use the lights.

My questions is when is this country going to change? When are Nigerians going to start thinking about others, and not only themselves? Will the incoming President look into this shady activities by people who are Nigerians? That is left to be seen

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