President. Goodluck Jonathan, prays for president elect M.Buhari

President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday
prayed for the in-coming administration of General Muhammadu Buhari. The President has also admonished Nigerian leaders at various levels of government to be ready to make sacrifices for the growth of the nation, stressing that Nigerians should not allow the challenges of today to weigh them do wn.

The President spoke at the fifth presidential prayer breakfast held inside the old Banquet Hall of the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

“We continue to pray for the country and
of course, we pray for the incoming
government and also pray for us who are leaving to have the opportunity to serve humanity in different phases.

“I remember in 2009 when I visited the
Nordic countries, they told me they were
celebrating 200 years of peace that has
enabled them to develop. Nigeria was 49
years as an independent nation in 2009.

“If the Nordic countries, well developed
technologically and otherwise, it means
crisis really retards development.

“So we have challenges, today we are talking about boko haram in the north,
kidnapping in south south, south east.
Atimes you are forced to think that the nation is ending, definitely this country will overcome this challenge. That is the reason for these prayers. Just like prayers
helped Nehemiah to rebuild the wall of
Jerusalem, our constant prayers will help us rebuild this nation.

“For me, I have to thank God and Nigerians for the privilege and opportunity given to me this past 16 years. I served my state as a deputy governor and governor for eight years.

From government house in Yenegoa and
then I came here to the state house, Abuja served the country as vice president and a president. That is a reasonable length of time and so I have to thank God, first because if God did not will it, it won’t have happened.

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