Purchasing a Smartphone, things you have to consider

Well some people just go to the market to get a smart phone, with little or no consideration of what product they’re to get, how long it will last, and how much it willl affect their everyday life.

When I first wanted to buy a smart phone, I was so intent on getting a BlackBerry, that I didn’t want to think twice.

I went to the market, bought a Bold 2, it didn’t stay long for it to develop faults. I had to swap it with a Torch 3. Then again, it got spoiled in no time.

You might not believe it, but I used 5 good BlackBerry products in less than six months, without any of them lasting over 2months. Then, I discovered that i had rushed into the market, wasted my money and time on products that I should not have wasted money on time on, with little or no considerations as to how it will affect me.

Now do not quote me wrongly, am not saying using a BlackBerry phone, is not good. What am trying to bring out is the fact that rushing into the market to buy any smart phone, only put you at risk of getting a fake product, or a product that will not serve you, but force you to serve it. When I say a product forcing you to serve it, I’m only saying you will spend more time in the engineers workshops repairing one or two things from the phone, than you will spend with the phone.

So after much considerations, I came up with some factors you need to consider, before going into the market to buy any smart phone.

1. <strong>BATTERY LIFE:</strong> This is one of the most important factor you have to consider before going to buy any phone. Any phone phone with low battery capacity, will not a serve you.

2. <strong>CONTENTS:</strong> Well this might not be very important, pending on what you need from a phone. But its still cool to check and compare the contents of any smart phone you’re going to buy with others that fits your bill.

3. <strong>DURABILITY/PORTABILITY:</strong> Most people like big products, while some other people doesn’t. Its called individual differences. So it will be very nice to consider how durable a product will be to you.

4. <strong>SPECIFICATIONS: </strong>When you hear specifications or Specs, as it is called in the internert, it’s similar to content, but with a rather broad and explanatory insight to a particular product you’re planning on buying.

They are many more important factors that you can consider before purchasing a smart phone that I have not listed here. You can Google search them.

Wondering how you can check out this factors listed here? Its very simple. Just <a href=”http://www.google.com”>Search AnyThing On Google.</a>

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